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Person Centred Therapy

This therapeutic approach comes under the umbrella of Humanistic Therapy. It can also be known as Client Centred therapy. The Therapist works with you to  explore and understand your self perception. An underlying assumption is that everyone has an internal drive to find fulfilment of potential so the person is seen as the “expert” on their life and how they live it. The therapist will therefore be interested to hear about how you see and experience life, support you by listening, helping you identify your own ability for self healing and personal growth and helping you to clarify your experience of life. Person centred therapy may be particularly valuable to someone who has experienced a lot of criticism and judgement from others. With regards to specific concerns it is associated with eating disorders, addictions, anxiety, depression, relationships, personality disorders etc.

Our Person Centred Associates

At Nicholas Rose and Associates all Associates integrate person centred principles into the way they work.

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