Same sex couples counselling and therapy

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Same sex couples counselling and therapy

Welcome! My name is Nicholas and if you are worried about your relationship then I am here to offer a warm, friendly and safe environment to talk about what ever concerns you.

I assume you are worried about how you or your partner are feeling in your relationship? Maybe there are feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, insecurity, fear, loneliness or anger (to name just a few)? Maybe you have concerns about how your relationship is going? Your communications, sex life, financial situation, plans for the future, or navigating issues right now? Ill health - both physical and emotional, monogamy or open relationship, drug use, losses, family concerns, parenting, work stress, external relationships, spirituality can all be the source of difficulties and conflict. Maybe you are finding that things do not feel balanced and that some issues just do not feel resolvable? Maybe you have tried to talk but just keep getting stuck in the same painful place?

Of course you maybe struggling for very similar reasons as people in heterosexual relationships but I understand there are some very real differences too. Discrimination, lack of family or societal support, misunderstandings about sex to name a few and then of course when problems occur it is not easy to find help and information.

Couples Counselling can be a positive experience at any stage of a relationship, as relationships pass through various stages new challenges and possibilities arise where counselling can facilitate growth, change and alleviate conflict. Very often, it is helpful when one or both of you are feeling misunderstood or isolated, or when you identify negative and destructive patterns.

If you are interested in how it might be to meet with me please read this article where a journalist from GayStarNews comes for a trial session.


Testimonial: "Nicholas navigated us through a dreadful time"


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 Common Questions:

How can we be sure you are the right therapist?

Feeling comfortable with your therapist is crucial so I always recommend an initial session and we can decide whether it feels right for us to work together.

How do you work?

After the initial session I work in blocks of five sessions. A session with you together, a session with you each individually and then a further two sessions with you together. At this point we review progress and decide on whether to have a further set of sessions.

Will you be able to help us?

In my experience you are most likely to find counselling helpful if you both agree that you want to try counselling.

Will you be able to save our relationship?

In my experience I can help best if you both agree that:

* overall your relationship is worth trying to save

* you have energy to put into trying

Does counselling make people split up?

I think a better question is whether you believe that putting off confronting your concerns will be beneficial in the longer term? In my experience though attitudes towards counselling are such that often it is considered as a last resort and couples can leave it too late before they start.

We are in crisis and need a lot of help straight away, can you help?

If your relationship is in crisis you might prefer my high intensive method where four of the sessions are delivered in a single day. This option can sometimes be made available at weekends - also particularly useful if you are a couple with very busy diaries.

We have already decided to split up, can you help us navigate this in the best possible way?

Yes people do come to counselling to be helped to end their relationships and I hold no agenda other than to work with you to gain the outcome that you hope to achieve.

Is it normal to feel nervous about coming to counselling?

Yes, very much so. I know just how hard it is to starting talking about things that are painful and I will work with you to ensure you feel comfortable and at ease. If you are interested in how it might be to meet with me please read this article where a journalist from GayStarNews comes for a trial session.

Can we talk about anything?

Absolutely, to know you are free to speak about anything is crucial. Our sessions are confidential and I do not take notes. 

Are you gay?

Many people ask and this is an important question so I am happy to answer this but would like to do so when we meet because my knowing why this matters to you might be important in our work together.

Are you in a relationship?

Again, many people ask and this is an important question so I am happy to answer this but would like to do so when we meet because my knowing why this matters to you might be important in our work together.

What is your background, training and experience?

Please click here to visit my profile page.

What does the initial session cost and how long will it last?

The initial session is £170 and lasts one hour.

What do ongoing sessions cost?

Usually the ongoing cost is also £170 per session but depends upon your circumstances, what we agree to in terms of number, duration and frequency of sessions.

How do we pay for sessions?

I can take card payments at each session or if you prefer then cash.

What happens if we need to cancel a session?

I regret that I do have to charge for sessions that are cancelled. 

Do we have to come to your office in Chiswick?

Sometimes the busy diaries of my clients mean that sometimes skype, telephone, email or facetime sessions can be helpful. If you want me to travel to you then we can discuss this and I can give you a quote that will include my travel expenses.

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“I just want to thank you for all your support over the past couple of months. You have helped me during a confusing and challenging time in my life and for that I am grateful for your time and understanding".

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