Counselling, Psychotherapy and Psychology Blog - Archive for Apr 2020

21 - Apr - 2020

Zoom Private Online Counselling and Therapy

Our experienced team of UK based counsellors and psychotherapists are able to offer private online counselling and psychotherapy using zoom, skype and facetime to children, adolescents, young people, adults, couples and families.

19 - Apr - 2020

Finding Online Counselling & Psychotherapy from UK Counsellors and Psychotherapists

The pandemic and lockdown restrictions in the UK have meant that counselling and psychotherapy has had to move completely online for the time being - however online counselling and psychotherapy is nothing new for the UK. But how do you find an online counsellor and psychotherapist?

16 - Apr - 2020

The pandemic, the lockdown and your relationship

Today’s news that the UK’s lockdown will be extended for a further three weeks may well be very bad news for some relationships. In this article, relationship psychotherapist Nicholas Rose writes about how relationships are being affected, how to know if your relationship is struggling and importantly, what to do about it.

14 - Apr - 2020

Online Therapy with our team

At the present time our work with all clients is being conducted either by telephone or using video applications such as Skype, Zoom or FaceTime. Our page for our Onlline Counselling and Therapy has been updated and now includes a short video with Nicholas. 

10 - Apr - 2020

How are you coping, really?

Our latest article for The Chiswick Herald and Hounslow Herald offering a daily fifteen minute psychological workout to help you cope during the pandemic.

08 - Apr - 2020

The Pandemic, your business, your people and the Phoenix to Dodo Spectrum.

This article written for the Hounslow Chamber of Commerce considers some psychological perspectives in the context of how to manage and approach business during the pandemic.