Counselling, Psychotherapy and Psychology Blog - Archive for May 2020

29 - May - 2020

Many more families in therapy during the pandemic and lockdown

“Now is proving to be a really important time for families to revisit their relationships, resolve old conflicts, find new ways of communicating and build the relationships they’ve always wanted”. Says Psychotherapist Nicholas Rose.

27 - May - 2020

A perfect storm for psychological struggles this week?

Bad news, witnessing conflict in Government and sensing uncertainty are having a very bad impact on some peoples wellbeing at the moment. Are you struggling?

09 - May - 2020

What is it like to have Online Counselling and Psychotherapy?

This article looks at the difference between online and in-person / face to face counselling and gives a first hand experience of changing from face to face to online psychotherapy.

07 - May - 2020

Why it is too soon to talk about coronaphobia #coronaphobia

Having seen articles and then written myself about #coronanxiety I wasn’t surprised to start seeing articles about #coronaphobia. Personally I think it is too early for the term Coronaphobia to be useful and here’s why.

02 - May - 2020

What is coronanxiety? #coronanxiety

As people consider the impacts of COVID-19, the coronavirus and the lockdown on our psychological wellbeing a new term is trending #coronanxiety. But what is it?