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28 - Jun - 2020

What are families finding helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic?

In our clinical team meetings over the last few months the subject of families has kept coming forward as something our clients have been wanting to talk about. Some families have been really struggling whilst for others it has been a time of opportunity for improving their relationships. In response Family Therapist Marybeth Mendenhall, Psychotherapist and Counsellor Monika Smolar,  Psychotherapeutic Child and Parent Counsellor Kati Mencer and Nicholas Rose met specifically to talk this through as a way of understanding what was important in improving family relationships right now. In this article we outline the main points from our discussion or if you prefer you can watch our YouTube channel here.

15 - Jun - 2020

Feeling Lonely? This week is Loneliness Awareness Week 2020

Today is the first day of Loneliness Awareness Week 2020. Even before the pandemic and lockdown research showed that over 9 million people in the UK, so one in five people, say they experience loneliness however almost two-thirds of those who struggle with loneliness find it difficult to talk about.


05 - Jun - 2020

Re-entry anxiety as the lockdown eases?

Noticed feelings of uneasiness as you think about meeting up with others as the lockdown eases?

With the lockdown easing some people are talking about feelings a bit like those you might get going to a school reunion or in those moments before arriving at a fancy dress party. On one level you know it is just another social situation and yet someone has added some rules or new expectations, you may be excited and looking forward to meeting up with people both old and new and yet you notice a feeling of uneasiness, discomfort or anxiety.