Brief Therapy by Marybeth Mendenhall

04 - Oct - 2013

Asociate Marybeth Mendenhall offers Solution Focussed Brief Therapy. This is a short term, goal oriented approach that enables clients to focus on what they want to achieve by looking at what is working rather than on focussing on what is not working. 

Brief Therapy focuses on finding solutions to problems and is based on exploring the present with an eye towards changing the future.

Solution Focussed Therapy is a collaborative model that emphasizes what is possible and changeable and shares the philosophy that clients have unacknowledged resources and strengths that can help them solve their problems.  
The aim of Solution Focussed Brief Therapy is to work collaboratively towards :

a) helping you identify your goal (or goals)
b) focus on what parts of your life are working and use that as a strong foundation upon which you can build on and create an improved lifestyle and
c) use those strengths to change and do things differently.

Solution Focussed Brief therapy acknowledges distress, but focuses on success.  It operates from a positive viewpoint that change is not only possible but also inevitable. It offers you a way to work effectively in an empowering and hopeful way.  

Solution Focussed Brief Therapy can be used for a variety of difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, anger, stress and relationship issues.