How do I find the right therapist?

03 - Jun - 2015

Research consistently shows that the single most important factor for a positive outcome from counselling / psychotherapy / therapy is the quality of the relationship between the client and therapist.

Nicholas Rose says "When searching for a therapist do not be afraid to ask questions and do not censure any thoughts or feelings you have about whether you want a male or female therapist, someone older or younger, someone with similar life experience, straight or gay, particular ethnicity, religion, language, how much you want to pay, how often you want to meet - whatever it might be that is important to you." He continues "The most important thing is that you feel relaxed and supported by your therapist then you will be able to talk about things that really matter, things that you might not have spoken about previously and that are crucial to you being able to identify, understand your struggles and then if you chose - change."

There are many therapeutic approaches but they sit within three basic underpinning asumptions - the humanistic focuses on the importance of positive relational experience, the analytic that looks to review information about a persons life often historical but also considering the present and future and then the behavioural that looks at thoughts and feelings and seeks to identify those that might be unhelpful and replace them with ones that are more supportive. Says Nicholas "it all depends upon what we believe and want, some people are relational, some analytical and some behavioural - again its about finding a therapist where you feel connected, understood, affirmed and who can then help bring new insights." 

Nicholas Rose & Associates offers a team of qualified and experienced therapists - as a practice we are able to offer you a choice of therapists and therapies. 

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