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This simple online test can help you decide whether counselling or psychotherapy might be a benefit. Click here for the test that will open in a new window. Once you have taken the test you can contact us to talk through your results.

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As the winter months are upon us and the nights are drawing in, this can sometimes affect people’s feelings and natural outlook on situations. However some people suffer from this more than others, and here at our Chiswick practice we have people you can talk to that can help.

Depression Counselling London

Symptoms of depression often include a felt sense of low desire to undertake daily activities including work, socializing, exercise etc. It can have a debilitating effect and often be a very confusing experience for the sufferer and his or her friends and relatives. Depression often occurs after something has happened in a person's life that has been difficult to cope with and the struggle can be very tiring, resulting in low confidence and a circle of behaviour that only serves to lead to more unhappiness.

Formums.net have used us in the January 2013 "To the rescue" feature regarding this. To read more please click here. (keep original link).

Please also remember we run evening sessions, and sessions via Skype, telephone and email. For further information please feel free to contact us.


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