Integrative Psychotherapy

Tom, Marybeth, Adriana, Marco and Nicholas are all integrative practitioners.

What is Integrative Psychotherapy?

Our experience of life can be considered in terms of how we feel emotionally and physically, what we think and what we do. Integrative psychotherapy therefore seeks to explore your life experience using this structure, to bring an understanding of areas in life where change may be beneficial and then work with you to implement change. In other words to identify how one aspect of your like may be impacting upon another and through the identification of influences provide a route to a state of integration.

For the purposes of a basic illustration here is a scenario: "occasionally I drink too much alcohol, it slows me right down for a few days, I feel really miserable and angry and I think to myself that I am really stupid." By exploring and challenging the experience in terms of the behaviour (drinking), physiological and emotional feelings and the thoughts the aim is to find a new position in relation to this aspect of life. For example, the person might decide to drink less or less often, you might try to combat the physical feelings by changing what you do the next day - for example go for a walk rather than stay on the sofa, you might challenge your thoughts "Everybody drinks too much sometimes and I don't think that everyone else is stupid" or you might allow your feelings because you know that you always feel like this for a day or two and the feelings will pass.

The holistic nature of the integrative approach means that Integrative practitioners will draw upon the core conceptual models in practice today - therefore integrating the humanistic, experiential, psychoanalytic and behavioural theoretical perspectives and techniques.

What to expect in sessions?

We will work with you to gain an understanding of your concerns in terms of how your experience them emotionally, cognitively, physically and how you respond behaviorally. Through dialogue we will seek to help you identify what might be helpful to change and then work with you to implement the changes. Implementation or integration is a key stage in the work and we will support you though this part of the process.

Further Integrative Psychotherapy Information

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