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If you live miles away from any counsellors, have a busy lifestyle, or struggle going outside due to something else, then our online therapy and counselling sessions are a flexible alternative. Whether it's from restricted time, no local counsellor or other factors, online counselling sessions are becoming more and more popular as an effective alternate that really works. Some people also find it's a good first step towards face-to-face counselling too.

Having therapy online over the internet isn't just convenient, for fitting around your lifestyle, but it also allows you to have a session in the comfortable and familiar atmosphere at your home.

How We Conduct Our Online Therapy & Counselling Sessions

Our professional and experienced online therapists offer sessions, conducted over the Internet, using Skype, the free and easy to install programme. Nicholas Rose, Marybeth Mendenhall, and Adriana Amorin are team members experienced in using Skype for their therapy sessions.

The Skype Counselling Services on Offer

Some of the therapy and counselling sessions we offer include the following -

Are Online Therapy Sessions Effective?

Although there's has been doubt in the past about the effectiveness of online counselling sessions, there's mounting evidence that's proven that internet therapy sessions are just as effective as face-to-face sessions. For example, a leading medical journal, The Lancet previously published a study validating the claims that cognitive behavioural therapy, over the internet, is just as effective in treating depression as that of traditional therapy that's face to face.

Does Online Counselling Work?

Lots of people say they found it helped them. It might give you new coping strategies or just the space to explore and understand your feelings better. It can be easier to access regularly and you might feel more able to open up online.

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Nicholas was a great help to me over the two years we spent together. I came to Nicholas to discuss my relationship, but found that the conversation dove deeper as I learned to trust him, and the weekly sessions became more and more importa...

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