Anna Patel - Associate Child and Young people

Anna Patel - Associate: Child and Young people

Years in practice - Since 2015


Anna is accredited with UK Council of Psychotherapy [UKCP]. She has been working in the mental health field since 2004. She works in NHS with children, adolescents and families. Previously she has worked with mother and baby clinics, with charities like Kids Company and Place-to-be, Terapia schools counselling service, Mind in Barnet, Family Lives organisation. She has been in private practice since 2015.



Having been trained in integrative and psychodynamic psychotherapy, Anna is able to attune and tailor to each child and young person’s needs. She works with parents and children of all ages, adolescents and young people on a wide range of concerns such as Emotional and Behavioral difficulties, Fostering and Adoption, Attachment and Relationships.

Anna says:

‘No matter what culture, ethnicity and social background children come from, every child needs to feel safe, contained and listened to so that they feel that their thoughts and feelings are valued and understood. This promotes their sense of wellbeing and confidence’.

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We are so pleased with how much happier he has become and have seen such a remarkable change with respect to school and behaviour at home. We think your sessions have been instrumental with that and we can't thank you enough! (parent of a 9...

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