UPDATE - COVID-19 and Therapy Sessions

Therapy Availability

If you are thinking to start therapy we are continuing to offer face to face sessions assuming you have no symptons, should be self isolating, or are classed as an older and vulnerable adult - however if you are feeling unwell, are self isolating, are vulnerable, or are in any way concerned about infection or about travelling, then we are able to provide sessions via phone or over video-call systems. We are happy to talk options through with you - please ask.

Existing Clients

Our therapists are experienced in working in a variety of ways and have been carefully considering how they work at this time, with their priority being to minimise any disruption to your sessions. They will talk through their thinking with you if they think changing how you work together is appropriate. Likewise if you have concerns about continuing with your therapy sessions either face to face or online - for whatever reason - health, need for self isolation, financial worries then please speak to your therapist.

New Clients

If you wish to start therapy but face to face sessions are not feasible we can offer sessions online or by telephone. This might be a permanent arrangement or you may wish to change to having face to face meetings with your therapist when the situation allows. This you will be able to talk through and agree with your therapist.

Enhanced Measures

Our team are taking extra measures to ensure your safety including regular hand washing, disinfecting of surfaces and taking account of all social distancing guidance and applying as appropriate.