Kati Mencer, Associate - Children Services

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Kati Mencer - Associate - Children Services

Kati Mencer, Associate - Childrens Services

Kati is a Child Counsellor, specialised in play therapy, working with children 3-11 years of age. She has practiced in New York mainly with the very young and is currently a school counsellor in schools in West London.

Play therapy is an effective intervention for children with a variety difficulties, such as displaying behaviour that is regarded as a problem by parents or in school, children who may be difficult to control, lack confidence, insecure, withdrawn, anxious, or who have experienced loss through bereavement, loss of a pet, family breakdown, divorce or moving to London and finding it very difficult to adjust. Kati works with the child in a non-directive way, allowing the child to explore their emotions in a safe and trusting environment. Kati also works with the parents separately to help them to form stronger relationship with their child.

Kati absolutely adores children and is passionate about their well-being. Kati has more than 15 years of experience with working with children and families as a Montessori practitioner, head of school and teacher trainer. She also trained as a child Parent Relationship Therapy Facilitator to promote better relationships between the child and her care-givers. Kati is a member of the BPS (British Psychological Society), holds an MSc in Counselling, BA in Education and Montessori Diploma.

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