Relationship Therapy Testimonials

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Relationship Therapy Testimonials

"I have had several therapists over my adult life and on the whole they have been beneficial. However the approach by Nicholas Rose surpassed my expectations. This was due to the combination of discussion and practical exercises that really honed in on the issues present in a way I hadn't experienced before. At a moment that was looking incredibly bleak for me and my partner, Nicholas helped us find clarity, understanding and the necessary reflection in a warm, secure and nurtured environment, for which I am very grateful for and recommend to anyone seeking help".

"Nicholas helped me following a difficult relationship break up which I was not able to move on from. His non judgemental and welcoming style made talking through my issues a lot easier. He helped me to look at things in a different way and work through to a point where I felt back in control of my life. I would strongly recommend him".

“Thanks for all your help. It has definitely enabled some improved communication”.

Nicholas navigated us through a dreadful time

Nicholas was a great help to me over the two years we spent together. I came to Nicholas to discuss my relationship, but found that the conversation dove deeper as I learned to trust him, and the weekly sessions became more and more important to me. Nicholas attaches significance to anything one says, which provides a valuable sense of validation. His empathic, patient and unjudgemental approach has been vital in my struggle to accept myself, and to share my true self with others. Although he has many qualities, not least his fatherly demeanour, I believe his greatest skill lies in offering alternative points of view, by which he constantly confounded and surprised me, urging me to revisit occasions from my recent and distant past, and make sense of them. Although I reached the point at which I thought my search for meaning could go on without him, it was with a heavy heart that I asked for our sessions to end, and I would like to come back again one day, simply to tell him where I've been. Many thanks, Nicholas.