Are you looking to change something in your life? Our Psychotherapists will help you reach your unique answers that will help you to achieve your goals.

Together we will consider your life and how you experience it with the aim of understanding the aspects with which you are currently struggling. We then work with you to help integrate change, establishing new and more helpful patterns, build confidence and find new meaning and fulfilment from life. 

Psychotherapy is relevant where there is a sense of struggle without any particular sense of a cause of the concern. Often this struggle is something which has been experienced for a considerable period of time.

Our psychotherapy sessions seek to enable you to decide on how to manage your life and make the choices that can lead to greater fulfilment. As psychotherapists, we do not have answers to how you should be approaching life; rather we offer a facilitative relationship so that you can reach the unique answers that suit you.

Testimonial: "I feel like a different person. No, I feel I now recognise the person I've been all along - and I'm proud of her. My time with Nicholas has transformed the way I view the world and how I interact with it. I'd recommend the process to anyone. Genuinely life changing. Nicholas was transparent re the cognitive process at work, he involved me in his application of theory and I found this very powerful. But at the same time he was full of empathy. The sessions were both healing and productive. Thank you."

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We will ask questions that seek to increase our understanding of the concerns that you are facing, ultimately offering you new perspectives that open up choices and ways for approaching, managing or coping.

In practice our exploration of your concerns will be based on a form of enquiry that aims to remove the impact of previously held assumptions, this is called phenomenological enquiry.

A few of the aims you might like to bring to us:

  • Improve the quality of life
  • Improving your relationships
  • Focus on better health
  • Feel in greater control
  • Clarify your career goals
  • Improving spontaneity
  • Consider the impact of life changes and growing older
  • Feel greater confidence
  • Learning how to prioritise
  • Increase your assertiveness
  • Understand yourself better

As we work together, we will encourage you to consider what you are finding helpful so that we can further focus our efforts in the most constructive way.

Why Nicholas Rose and Associates? 

We only offer you psychotherapists who have met the stringent requirements of the major UK professional bodies for psychotherapy. Our team have also shown themselves to be accomplished psychotherapists - able to bring a wealth of experience to the therapeutic process. As a team we are also able to work with a broad range of concerns and we also find that people appreciate a choice of psychotherapist for example you might have a preference to see a psychotherapist of a particular gender?

We always recommend an initial session. This gives you an opportunity to explore how counselling and psychotherapy can be helpful, discuss in greater detail what to expect and provide all the information you need to decide on whether to continue.

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About Nicholas


Nicholas is a psychotherapist, counsellor and couples counsellor registered with the UKCP and UKRCP and accredited by the BACP. Nicholas also holds memberships with the Society of Existential Analysis and Metanoia Institute. He is also registered with a number of private health insurance providers including Bupa and PRUHealth.

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Nicholas helped me following a difficult relationship break up which I was not able to move on from. His non judgemental and welcoming style made talking through my issues a lot easier. He helped me to look at things in a different way and ...

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