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Sadness is a normal emotion. When sadness changes towards happiness, this sense of contrast adds enjoyment to our mood. However, a shift in the opposite direction can turn sadness into depression. Sometimes we can spend too much time feeling sad, in these instances this will be having an impact on how we are living our life and could mean there is something that needs addressing.

Whilst these states are transitory, coming and going all the time it is important to understand what influences our moods and make choices that can ensure we lead a fulfilling life where happiness and sadness are proportional.

Learning to accept those feelings and deal with them in a constructive ways can help avoid excessive suffering, anxiety and depression. 

We provide a safe and private place where you can talk confidentially. Our therapists will listen, be supportive and encouraging to help you to talk through your experiences, to help you understand your sadness and find ways to move forward.

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Nicholas was always a patient, sensitive and generous listener, who would sit with me quietly while I was able to confront a difficult time I had been through and what had led up to that. It took a little while, but after almost a year of t...

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