Clinical Assessments in Earl's Court

Our Practice is an independent private clinic able to offer clinical assessments, psychological interventions and further psychotherapy and counselling to adults over 18 years.

Dr Anastasios Toumpanakis is able to offer specialised assessments for diagnostic and/or clinical purposes. Assessments include providing evaluation of the meaning and possible neuropsychological causes of the concerns his patients bring and these include personality disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, dysexecutive syndrome and risk of violence.

Our Assessments and Services

Group A 

Paranoid personality disorder

Schizoid personality disorder

Dissocial personality disorder

Emotionally unstable/borderline personality disorder

Histrionic personality disorder

Anankastic/obsessive compulsive personality disorder

Anxious avoidant personality disorder

Dependent personality disorder

Narcissistic personality disorder

Personality disorder assessment: the assessment takes approximately two hours to be completed. The assessment includes a pre-assessment questionnaire, semi-structured interview, report with results, and follow-up appointment with recommendations.

Fees are £950.

Group B

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) assessment: the assessment includes a pre-assessment questionnaire, two assessment appointments of approximately one-hour each, report with results, and follow-up appointment with recommendations.

Fees are £950.

Dr Anastasios is able to assess and diagnose, but does not prescribe ADHD medication. The outcome of the ADHD assessment could either meet clinical significance for an ADHD diagnosis, could suggest some traits, or could indicate no ADHD presence. If an ADHD diagnosis is made, you can take it to your GP to explore medication options (if necessary and appropriate), and/or refer you to a psychiatrist. Alternatively, if you prefer to be referred to a private psychiatrist, we can direct you as appropriate.

Further Clinical Assessments Assistance

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