Agoraphobia Counselling

Agoraphobia is typically known as the fear of open spaces; however this isn’t strictly correct, Agoraphobia is a much more complex condition with the fear of not being able to escape often playing a key part in this complex phobia.

Some typical fears that people with Agoraphobia experience include:

  • Travelling on public transport
  • Visiting a busy shops
  • Leaving home

Agoraphobia and Anxiety

Agoraphobia can be classed as anxiety disorder, with symptoms of anxiety being present when an Agoraphobic person is placed in a situation he/ she does not feel comfortable in. These symptoms can then progress and result in panic attacks.

Treating Agoraphobia

We have a number of ways to help and treat Agoraphobia, our expert counsellors are able to use techniques such as cognitive behavioural therapy and counselling to help Agoraphobics tackle and overcome their anxiety.

Further Agoraphobia Information

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