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22 - Jul - 2024
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New Service - Pesso Boyden Group Therapy

Groups are often formed around particular themes including addictions, men, women, alcohol, parents, singles, gay and lesbian, anxiety etc. People can feel supported because other members have had similar experiences and this can be helpful in being able to talk more easily about difficult experiences. Through this process people often gain insight from hearing from others and being able to discuss their own experiences. Sometimes Group Therapy is used to supplement Individual Therapy and sometimes as a bridge between Individual Therapy and ending Therapy. Group Therapists often work with co-facilitators and will have experience of Group work.

30 - Apr - 2024

Relationship Therapy and Arguments - Story from book Better Together

Cycles and patterns of constant arguments often hide underlying struggles that need partners to take a step back and look at their situation and how they got there. Here you can read story three, published in Better Together - Saul and Luciano's experience of relationship therapy. 

15 - Apr - 2024

Choosing the right therapist

Seeking help from a psychotherapist and counsellor is an important step towards improving your mental health and we understand how difficult this might be when you are not feeling your best. It can be daunting, overwhelming and confusing to navigate through the abundance of options available but there are key factors to consider when choosing the right therapist for you.

01 - Apr - 2024

Philosophy Underpinning Counselling and Psychotherapy

Socrates, an ancient Greek philosopher, is often regarded as the father of Western philosophy and a prominent figure in the history of thought. His teachings and methods have influenced countless thinkers throughout the centuries, and his legacy continues to resonate in various fields, including psychology and psychotherapy. 

12 - Feb - 2024

Getting the most out of your therapy

We understand that for many people it can feel daunting to start in therapy, it is also natural to have times when being in therapy can feel confusing and hard to remain focussed. Just knowing that this is natural can be helpful in itself but given how important an investment therapy is in terms of hope, trust, time, energy and money we have written a guide on how to get the most from your therapy. 

29 - Jan - 2024
19 - Nov - 2023

Relationship Therapy and Parenting Conflicts - Stories from Better Together

Partners often struggle to resolve conflicts that arise from varying parenting styles. Naturally, we want the very best for our children and we therefore try to offer them what we have found most helpful, show them love in the way we experience love and try to help them develop and keep safe in the same way we have. But what happens when these things are different for parenting partners? 

25 - Oct - 2023

What is Interpersonal Mediation?

Disagreement is an integral part of human experience. We all have our individual views, needs and interests, which are different to those of others. These differences help make our relationships exciting and supportive. They also carry the seeds of conflict which, if unresolved, breeds anger and resentment. The pattern is all too familiar: communication breaks down, we build a fortress to defend our “rightful position” and throw accusations at the “other”. Eventually, things get stuck in an intractable mess.

17 - Oct - 2023
19 - Aug - 2023

Relationship Therapy and Infidelity - Stories from Better Together

Nicholas's book, Better Together, encourages readers to take a step back and to think about their relationship through a lens he calls ‘togethering’ which shines a light on how disturbance and struggles occur and the shifts in perception that can bring healing and harmony.

This blog post shares one of the stories from the book of fictional partners in therapy with Nicholas. For more information on this book and how to buy a copy of Better Together - the relationships book

30 - Jul - 2023

Working Through Inner Conflicts with Talking Therapy

Lived experiences of inner conflict often generate emotional turmoil, characterised by intense feelings of doubt, anxiety, and tension. The contradictory thoughts and desires within us can create a sense of ambivalence, making it challenging to make decisions or take action.

While inner conflicts can often be distressing, they also present opportunities for personal growth and development. Through introspection, self-reflection, and seeking external support, individuals can work towards resolving these conflicts.

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29 - May - 2023

The lived experience of depression

Do the simplest of tasks feel impossible? Do you often feel overwhelmed, hopeless, and isolated? The lived experience of depression can vary from person to person, but there are some common themes that emerge. One of the most challenging aspects of depression is the feeling of isolation. People with depression often want to withdraw from the world around them and feel disconnected from their friends and family. 

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Better Together now available from even more book sellers

The relationships book 'Better Together' written by Nicholas Rose is now available from even more book sellers.