Connie Allfrey - Associate Individuals & Couples

Connie Allfrey - Associate : Individuals & Couples

Connie is a psychotherapist registered and accredited with the BACP offering both face to face and online therapy.

Connie’s clients often come expressing feelings of loneliness, emptiness, stuckness, or disconnection from their true selves. As such Connie helps her clients to experience themselves as being ‘in line’, as when our thoughts and feelings are in line with our words and actions, then most of life’s difficulties iron out.  Connie's work focuses attention on the inner world, where change is possible, towards the crucial ‘invisible work at the improvement of our soul’ as Tolstoy describes it.

Connie’s broad client base includes people working in finance, law, film, property, entertainment, auctioning, music, teaching professions, the health and exercise industries, specialist entrepreneurs and students. She has worked with pregnant women and those having recently undergone loss through abortion or miscarriage. Her work has been with heterosexual, gay, lesbian and transsexual clients. She has also worked with clients of different nationality and religion, including Muslims experiencing cultural difficulties.


The emphasis of her work is in helping each client move towards a greater sense of wholeness, in accepting and integrating all aspects of their personality, light and dark. “I believe that finding a personal state of balance is integral to living a fulfilled and happy life, and am committed to helping clients unlock their potential and so maximise their functioning in the world. Fundamentally therapy is a collaborative venture in which client and therapist are both transformed, so I place great importance on the therapeutic relationship”.

In working with couples, she works to identify how the space of an intimate relationship may have become cluttered, often due to the accumulation of things left unsaid. The intention is to provide a safe and non-judgemental environment, away from the stressful demands of city living, for couples to begin to clear this space and allow the positive attributes of each individual to rise to the surface and be celebrated again.

Connie says

My approach is grounded in person—centred theory, which comes closest to my optimistic worldview of humanity, that we are all innately striving to become fully functioning human beings. I also draw heavily from psychodynamic theory in my work, believing an awareness of childhood influences is key to letting go. From an existential perspective I believe we can’t escape the reality of what it is to be human and various basic givens of existence - like meaningless, isolation, freedom and responsibility, and death. My sessions can be lively and experiential, but will always feel safe and supportive.

BACP Registered Member

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