Martin Weaver - Senior Associate Individuals & Couples

Martin Weaver - Senior Associate : Individuals & Couples

Years in practice - Since 2000


Martin has over twenty years experience of working in private practice, is accredited with the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP). He is qualified to Master Practitioner standard in NLP is an INLPTA certified NLP trainer and holds a Postgraduate Certificate in the supervision of counsellors from the University of Birmingham. Martin offers both in-Person and online therapy.


Martins clients come to him from a broad variety of backgrounds and have brought a wide range of concerns. Martin works extensively with depression, anxiety, stress, relationship difficulties, bereavement, anger and also has much experience of working with specific issues such as sexual concerns. He maintains a broad base of clinical interests and is also keen advocate for providing therapy for concerns that can have a positive impact on society, for example responding to terrorist attacks, working with sex offenders or people who fear they are at risk and public health.

Private practice in West London has meant Martin has worked with people of all ages, genders, sexualities, ethnic and cultural backgrounds including the legal & medical professions, students, gay men, black & ethic communities, the performing arts, teaching and emergency services.

Martins interest in helping people who are struggling goes back to many years before starting to work as a psychotherapist. He has worked in a number of charitable organisations, in the response and longer term support to major events such as the AIDS/HIV crisis in the early 1980s and the 7th July London bombings, he has also worked to help the development of the UK’s psychotherapy professional bodies. Finally, he has been both a contributing author and research publisher on therapy, its application and development. 

Martin says:

There are many forms of counselling and therapy but they are all simply ways of understanding what we want from our lives and how we might go about achieving those goals. During sessions I will ask you a series of questions and seek to offer some new ways of understanding what is happening or has happened to you. I tend to put focus on encouraging you to think about the things that you want and then supporting you to achieve them.

 Martin and Nicholas have recorded a series of Podcasts - these can be accesses by clicking on the link below:

Podcasts - Therapists talking Therapy

Martin has also recorded some guided meditations.

These can be accessed on YouTube by clicking here.

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