We have detailed below a few client testimonials regarding our Counselling and Psychotherapy Services.

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Couples Therapy Testimonials

To find clarity

Thanks for all your help. It has definitely enabled some improved communication.

Difficult relationship break up

Nicholas helped me following a difficult relationship break up which I was not able to move on from. His non judgemental and welcoming style made talking through my issues a lot easier. He helped me to look at things in a different way and work through to a point where I felt back in control of my life. I would strongly recommend him.

Improved communication

Thanks for all your help. It has definitely enabled some improved communication.

Relationship crisis

Nicholas navigated us through a dreadful time

Empathic and insightful

Nicholas was a great help to me over the two years we spent together. I came to Nicholas to discuss my relationship, but found that the conversation dove deeper as I learned to trust him, and the weekly sessions became more and more important to me. Nicholas attaches significance to anything one says, which provides a valuable sense of validation. His empathic, patient and unjudgemental approach has been vital in my struggle to accept myself, and to share my true self with others. Although he has many qualities, not least his fatherly demeanour, I believe his greatest skill lies in offering alternative points of view, by which he constantly confounded and surprised me, urging me to revisit occasions from my recent and distant past, and make sense of them. Although I reached the point at which I thought my search for meaning could go on without him, it was with a heavy heart that I asked for our sessions to end, and I would like to come back again one day, simply to tell him where I've been. Many thanks, Nicholas.

Individual Therapy Testimonials

Skill and objectivity

I went to MM to seek help because I had difficulty coping with anger, small frustrations would trigger overwhelming rage; I had relationship problems; and although I had come out as gay I had a lot of negative feelings about my sexuality. After 6 months of weekly sessions I understand what triggers my anger and have learned to accept frustrations and deal with them in a way which avoids rage. I found that being able to off load my worries, pain, incomprehension about my relationship was in itself very helpful. Talking with someone who had no personal connection with me and who asked thoughtful and probing questions enabled me to see things from other points of view and to understand myself and my partner better. I now cope much better with problems in my relationship. I discussed my negative feelings about my sexuality and responded to questions which really made me think hard about my feelings and how it would be if I didn’t have them. As the sessions went on so I found that these negative attitudes seemed to fall away and I felt confident and accepting of my sexuality in a way which I had never done before. It is difficult to be precise about how these changes came about but I know that without the skill and objectivity of my counsellor in really making me think and re-examine myself I would still be where I was 6 months ago.

Patient, Sensitive and Generous Listener

Nicholas was always a patient, sensitive and generous listener, who would sit with me quietly while I was able to confront a difficult time I had been through and what had led up to that. It took a little while, but after almost a year of therapy I feel like a much stronger and more confident person, for which I am very grateful. I feel like I have got to know myself better and am able to make more realistic choices now.

Thoughtful and Professional Manner

Nicholas' sympathetic, thoughtful and professional manner offered me a useful platform to explore my reactions to a traumatic episode. I considered my time with him to have been well-spent and constructive.

General Therapy Testimonials

Made me feel at ease...

Martin is a great therapist. He immediately made me feel at ease and helped me navigate through a situation that I had experienced and which I was finding very troubling. Martin has a very natural style and I found him easy to open up to and non judgemental. He is a very good listener, thoughtful and helped me re-frame many of my troubled thoughts so I was able have a more clear understanding and get to the point of moving on. I recommend him for anyone struggling with identity issues or other life challenges.

Skilful, warm and professional

Adriana is a skilful, warm and professional psychotherapist.

Support and understanding

I just want to thank you for all your support over the past couple of months. You have helped me during a confusing and challenging time in my life and for that I am grateful for your time and understanding.

Thank you

I want to thank you for all your help clearing my headspace, it is time for me to accept who I am.

Transformation, transparency and empathy

I feel like a different person. No, I feel I now recognise the person I've been all along - and I'm proud of her. My time with Nicholas has transformed the way I view the world and how I interact with it. I'd recommend the process to anyone. Genuinely lifechanging. Nicholas was transparent re the cognitive process at work, he involved me in his application of theory and I found this very powerful. But at the same time he was full of empathy. The sessions were both healing and productive. Thank you.

Life balance and well being.

Nicholas helped me to achieve better balance and a greater sense of wellbeing in my life. I found him to be warm and friendly and helpful in guiding me through a rough patch.

Time of crisis

Nicholas helped me through a difficult and disturbing period in my life. He was empathetic and compassionate and really understood what I needed from the sessions.

Secure, Supportive and Open Environment

The sessions offer a secure, supportive and open environment. The pace of the conversation and unbiased facilitation helps resolve issues. Your mind is in a more clear space in the session which helps one talk and think through situations. The sessions improve your approach.

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Nicholas was a great help to me over the two years we spent together. I came to Nicholas to discuss my relationship, but found that the conversation dove deeper as I learned to trust him, and the weekly sessions became more and more importa...

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