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27 - Dec - 2021

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Research shows that as many as one in twenty in the UK may fit the criteria for a diagnosis of ADHD, but why and how to recognise it and what to do about it?

The lived experience of ADHD

Everyone’s ADHD will be different but the lived experience can include finding it hard to arrive to places on time, to be organised, finish tasks, focus and remember things as required. You may find the way people speak and the way in which they want you to do things may not always make sense or be interesting for you.

It is likely that the experience of trying to be with others in the way they seem at ease will not always feel comfortable for you. Probably the most difficult situations for you will be where you get a sense that others have expectations of you and the fear of getting things wrong may well create such stress and anxiety that you may find it difficult to feel at ease, think clearly and get things done.

Conversely, when left to your own devices you will be able to put intense focus and energy into things that you find interesting. This can lead to your being able to achieve things which leads to others expressing admiration, however it is likely that these exchanges may also feel uncomfortable for you as you sense their inability to fully understand what you are talking to them about.