Celebrity, fame, high public profile and wealth

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Celebrity, fame, high public profile and wealth

Nicholas works with people whose life experience includes having a high public profile, being a celebrity, famous performer, a leading professional in their field and/or having considerable wealth. 

His patients find it valuable that he has an understanding of the issues they face specifically to this aspect of their lives. Patients come because they can find that they do not feel understood by others, can feel isolated, find it hard to know who to speak to about their concerns, that the dynamics created by their status creates dificulties in maintaining a lifestyle they find satisfactory. One particularly important area of life where struggles can be connected to status is in relationships.

Indivduals, couples and families can come for therapy with Nicholas.

Nicholas is based in Chiswick but does travel where circumstances require.


To make direct confidential contact email nicholas@nicholas-rose.co.uk.