Monika Smolar - Senior Associate Adolescents, Students, Younger and Older Individuals, Couples

Monika Smolar - Senior Associate : Adolescents, Students, Younger and Older Individuals, Couples

Years in practice - Since 1995



Monika is accredited with the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) with over twenty years experience working as a psychotherapist and counsellor with  adolescents, students, younger and older adults and couples. Monika offers both in-Person and online therapy.

Monika’s experience includes counselling clients long and short term, facilitating groups, working with young people and adults in both private practice and public organisations. For the last fifteen years she has been working at the London School of Economics University counselling students and staff.  Additionally, in the last two years she’s worked at Twyford High School, a secondary school, where she has counselled young people regarding anxiety, depression, suicidal feelings, peer difficulties, issues around sexuality, exam stress and all the developmental challenges of this stage of life.  She has also worked at a Rape Crisis Centre, MIND, Turning Point with drug and alcohol issues.


Monika trained as a psychotherapist to work with adults on a Masters programme at Regents College School of Psychotherapy and Counselling. She has also undertaken specialist trainings to work with adolescents and to do counselling in schools (Diploma in Adolescent and School Counselling from Metanoia), to do bereavement counselling and to work with families and couples. She also does critical incident debriefing and works with issues of self esteem and sexual violence.

Monika works in an integrative way and adjusts the way she works to the client and their needs. She sometimes uses CBT or relaxation techniques such as Mindfulness. She often works in an existential and person-centred way. She is also very familiar with the psychodynamic approach and often works with psychodynamic ideas. She is a qualified EMDR practitioner.

Monika says:

We all need some help and support at different stages of our lives; we all need a safe space where we can talk to someone who is non-judgmental and outside of our situation, where we can explore and process what life throws at us and what we’re going through and learn how to manage and deal with the situation in a better and maybe healthier way. This is essential for our mental well-being and an important part of our good self-care.


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The sessions offer a secure, supportive and open environment. The pace of the conversation and unbiased facilitation helps resolve issues. Your mind is in a more clear space in the session which helps one talk and think through situations. ...

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