Meet the therapists series: Nicholas Rose

30 - Apr - 2021

We have decided to publish fortnightly articles and posts introducing our Therapists at Nicholas Rose & Associates. In this week's blog post we ask Nicholas Rose a series of questions about himself and his field of work.

Nicholas is a psychotherapist and counsellor working with individuals and couples, is accredited by the UKCP, and BACP, trained in Integrative and Existential Therapies and offers both In Person and Online counselling and psychotherapy. He has been working in this field since 2003 and founded Nicholas Rose & Associates in 2009. 

Why did you become a Psychotherapist?

My first experience of psychotherapy came in my early 30s at an introductory workshop. Until then, the most connected and engrossing experiences of my life had taken place when talking to other people about their lives, hopes, fears and problems. Of course, such conversations are rare in everyday situations. Disillusioned with my life and feeling a void as if I was starved of something, my experience of sitting in the therapist’s chair was one that solidified my future in psychotherapy, satisfying my desire to be there for others.

What do you find interesting and attractive about the profession?

Psychotherapy continues to give me a sense of purpose and meaning. I have been working as a psychotherapist for more than 17 years, gaining an insight into thousands of lives and finding fulfilment every day that I practise. I feel honoured and humbled to have this opportunity.

What is your general philosophy and how would you use that to approach a normal session?

I believe everyone can improve their quality of life irrespective of limitations if the right focus is applied. If I am meeting with you as an individual we will together seek to establish the conflicts that are causing you difficulty and look for ways in which you might find a resolution. If you are a couple we will be meeting to establish the dynamic that is created by you being in the relationship and work together to see what you can both do to try and ensure your relationship becomes happier, healthier and more fulfilling.

Who would you normally work with?

I see adults both individually and in relationships. The main concerns people tend to bring are relationship issues, anxiety, panic attacks, unhappiness, disappointment, loss and diagnoses such as depression, bipolar and anxiety disorders, autism, loneliness and ADHD. My practice includes a high proportion of people with personal wealth, highly successful and well-paid careers, who are high achieving or well known; around half of my clients are men and then there are many people who have migrated to the UK. I have worked with relationships, including same sex partnerships, for over ten years now with concerns including infidelity, sex, fertility, parenting, violence and abuse, substance misuse, communication problems and depression. 

What are your strengths as a Therapist?

People have described me as thoughtful, tentative, insightful, gentle and kind. I think I am very observant around others, fascinated to hear about how people view life and always hold hope for others to feel fulfilled and to get what they want out of life.

What do you want for the future of Therapy?

Therapy is simply meeting with the aim of putting focus on life’s concerns however we are bombarded with words and concepts that serve to confuse and overwhelm and lead to therapy being misunderstood. I see this all the time in how therapy is depicted in mainstream media, on TV and in films. I hope that therapy comes to be better understood and appreciated as it has such power to transform the lives of anyone who finds themselves struggling with their feelings and contentment with life.

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