Zoom Private Online Counselling and Therapy

21 - Apr - 2020

Our experienced team of UK based counsellors and psychotherapists are able to offer private online counselling and psychotherapy using zoom, skype and factime to children, adolescents, young people, adults, couples and families. 

Many people choose private online / telephone therapy and counselling sessions as a flexible alternative or an addition to face to face sessions. Sometimes people have all their sessions online whilst at other times online / telephone sessions are used when face to face sessions may not be possible - for example at times of travel or illness. Online counselling sessions are becoming more and more popular as technology improves for example, the quality and security to ensure privacy on zoom, skype and facetime - as an effective alternative that really works. Some people also find it's a good first step towards face-to-face counselling too.

For some people having therapy online over the internet / phone isn't just convenient, for fitting around your lifestyle, but it also allows you to have a session in the comfortable and familiar atmosphere at your home.

Getting started with Online Counselling and Psychotherapy is simple with an initial assessment. In the session you will explore what has brought you, what you would like to achieve and then if it is agreed that further sessions may be helpful, you will be able to make a plan for how to proceed including session times, length, frequency, duration and what technology. 

Our therapists will ensure they are using tested methods and technologies for the best possible online quality and will be using the latest security functionality on those platforms. They will also take steps to ensure they are working from locations where your privacy and confidentiality is maintained and disruptions are kept to an absolute minimum.

Our therapists use zoom and skype both of which are free and easy to download. If you are using zoom our therapists will send you an invitation to the sessions so you do not need to pay a subscription to the service.

In turn your therapist will be able to talk you through how you might ensure you can get the best from online sessions including thinking about how to set yourself up at home so that disruptions are kept to a minimum.