Finding Online Counselling & Psychotherapy from UK Counsellors and Psychotherapists

19 - Apr - 2020

The pandemic and lockdown restrictions in the UK have meant that counselling and psychotherapy has had to move completely online for the time being - however online counselling and psychotherapy is nothing new for the UK or our team of counsellors and psychotherapists.

An internet search for online counselling or online psychotherapy brings up a number of specialist providers based in the USA and gives the impression that it is not something easily available in the UK, but there is actually a great choice.

Whilst the majority of UK counsellors and psychotherapists are trained specifically in working in face to face methods working online is a skill many acquire from undertaking additional training and/or facilitated supervised clinical experience. Here at Nicholas Rose & Associates our team of counsellors and psychotherapists are offering online counselling and psychotherapy having acquired their experience of working online over many years in private practice. For more information click here.

Online therapies do differ to face to face counselling and psychotherapy - the important thing is that you can relax in the knowledge your therapist is experienced in working both ways and can therefore ensure you are getting what you want from your sessions.

How to choose an online counsellor / psychotherapist

Getting started with Online Counselling and Psychotherapy is simple with an initial assessment. In the session you will explore what has brought you, what you would like to achieve and then if it is agreed that further sessions may be helpful, you will be able to make a plan for how to proceed including session times, length, frequency, duration and what technology. 

Our therapists will ensure they are using tested methods and technologies for the best possible online quality and will be using the latest security functionality on those platforms. They will also take steps to ensure they are working from locations where your privacy and confidentiality is maintained and disruptions are kept to an absolute minimum.

In turn your therapist will be able to talk you through how you might ensure you can get the best from sessions including thinking about how to set yourself up at home so that disruptions are kept to a minimum.

If you are looking to start counselling or psychotherapy there are a number of considerations and questions you might want to consider and ask.

  • Does your therapist have experience of working online
  • What have they done to ensure they can offer online sessions
  • Do they have professional indemnity insurance that covers online provision
  • What professional body/ies do they belong to and what requirements do they have for working online
  • What happens if the technology fails during sessions
  • How is your privacy and confidentiality protected
  • How can you find time and space so that you won't be interupted or distracted by other people

Reasons for starting Online Counselling and Psychotherapy

Research in the UK over the last few weeks has shown that the pandemic and lockdown restrictions are having a significant impact on the mental wellbeing of the nation. Increased levels of anxiety, depression, sleep difficulties and domestic abuse together with increased drug and alcohol use are taking a toll on peoples quality of life. Our own website has seen increased numbers of people searching for help with anger as they struggle to cope with difficult feelings.

It is very normal for us to think we are coping and not realise that our quality of life is being impacted. Often it is the people around us - who know us well - that can warn us if they think our behaviour has changed and so often it is only when we leave a difficult relationship, job, recover from a an illness etc that we realise just how much of a difficult time we had. There is much evidence that the pandemic and lockdown is resulting in this currently hidden phenomena. Yes in many cases people will be told by their friends and family that they are not themselves but the restrictions mean that there are often far fewer chances for that kind of feedback to be possible.

If you have noticed that your thoughts, feelings or behaviour have changed in a negative way then unless you take action you risk these becoming worse and escalating. The key to maintaining your wellbeing is to try and spot and stop difficulties as soon as they start to appear. If you are uncertain try our quick "Can we help" survey - click here.